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Askara Technology has become an industry leader by listening closely to the needs of our customers, relentlessly enhancing our solutions to meet their expanding requirements, and providing fast, expert support to ensure their success.

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Digitalized Business Process

We are helping your company by using digital tools, technology, and ecosystems to provide greater value for your customers and clients, through new customer experiences, solutions, and business models.

Design Mobile Applications

We will design the mobile applications that help you in reaching more customers, improve marketing strategies, provide value to the customers, increase brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and loyalty, and create one or more competitive advantage(s).

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Golf Master 360 ®

Golf Master 360® is having the most powerful features in the industry that are dreamed by golf course operators with convenient live dashboards on every operational aspect


Golf Master Club ®

The only personal Golf Super App, consisting of One-Stop All Your Golf things! The beauty, it’s connected with all Golf Clubs that use Golf Master 360®! From booking online, scorekeeper, etc.



All-in-one interactive smart screen, the only multi-function screen you will ever need for your business or educational purposes.


Forget about your conventional tent card, now it’s the time to enhance the customer’s experience with Table Interactive Screen.

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  • Livin' by Mandiri X Golf Master Club

    Starting at the end of May 2022, GMC has become part of Livin by Mandiri, inside Livin Sukha feature. Bank Mandiri's digital banking platform, known as Financial Super Apps Livin by Mandiri, from Q2 2022 to Q3 2022 reached more than 850 million transactions with a value of more than Rp 1,050 trillion. Livin app users have reached 15 million in 2021 and are expected to continue to grow.

    The ecosystem provides benefits for GMC with Livin Mandiri users as potential customers and has a very large customer network that can lead to golf courses through GMC.

    In addition, as the number of golf service customers through GMC increases, the accumulation of data will allow the company to analyze key customers and enable promotion on larger platforms such as Livin by Mandiri as well as empower golfers to find a golf course that suits themselves.